Welcome To Bhawna Rehab

Bhawna Rehab provides the best-specialized rehabilitation and therapies available for drug and alcohol addict patients such as:

Physical Therapy:

Our physical specialists are professionals to treat physical problems related to spinal damage, strokes, neuro, orthopaedic, musculoskeletal and other severe issues.

Occupational Therapy:

During occupational therapy, we love to help and guide people to set up their objective and goal for the future. We like to guide and mentor candidates to drive up their skills and learnings to achieve success in their chosen occupation and professionalism. Out advisors empower and encourage people to face the struggles of life in a positive way for the betterment of life.

Speech Therapy:

We help people in better ways of communications. With our rehab speed therapy, we ensure to treat patients with neurological or other speech damages. The proper analyze by pathologists and speed advisors is done to cure the correspondence, dialect, cerebrum or other issues. Speech therapy also works in the building of inner confidence with the excellent way of communication with no stammering or gulping.

Psychology and Neuropsychology Therapy:

Our team and specialists work to help people facing issues with neuropsychology, behaviour, etc. The group of skilled trainers and team members by our rehab help in analysing and research about brain science, neuropsychology, and its related therapies.

Recreation Therapy:

We ensure the happy and giggle environment for the people who need urgent curing from such sick and disturbing deeds. We restore, rebuilt such activities that boost the personality traits, skill and also works in the healthy wellbeing of the people. Our recreational therapy is a friendly zone to create powerful learning and mood at the same time.