Welcome To Bhawna Rehab

Programme Clarification: As being trusted rehab by people nationally, we solely clarify what we deliver in our rehabilitation programmes.

Motivation Strengthening: We welcome people wide arms open to motivate and strengthen them to live their life happily.

Conflict Resolution: We believe in mutual sharing of words and conflicts to have better compatibility of the candidate with other family members. Resolving sessions in counseling will help one to build strong mutual understanding.

Relapse Identification: Before getting worsen with addiction, we help candidates to survive healthily and happily.

Relapse Prevention: Our rehab institution helps candidates to cure and prevent the addictiveness of drugs by our treatment services.





1. Programme Clarification … Counseling

2.  Motivation Strengthening… Counseling

3.  Conflict Resolution… Counseling

4.  Relapse Identification… Counseling

5.  Relapse Prevention … Counseling

6.  Assignments / T.D.A.

7.  Prescribed Reading

8.  Quiet Time

9.  Journal Writing