About Us

Bhawna De-addiction and Rehabilitation Center came into existence to serve people and started our operations from a humble abode in Ghaziabad.

Vision and Mission:

  • Chemical Dependency or Addiction as it is widely known as a pandemic that is found its way to millions of households, families, and society. Unfortunately, unknown to many, The World Health Organization declared Chemical Dependency as a disease in the 1950’s.
  • Bhawna uses the 12 steps of Alcoholic/Narcotic Anonymous as the guideline to recovery along with various interpersonal and transpersonal therapies facilitated by a team of experienced counselors and therapists. 
  • Due to the stigmatization attached, many of the families are unfortunate to deal with it, and also being unaware of this addictive problem with a meaningful solution.
  • Addiction is a disease – incurable, progressive and fatal. Leading to the untimely death, jail or mental health institution for the affected and associated trauma for the afflicted.
  • Before despairing, let it also be known that addiction is a disease that is arrestable and treatable like any other disease.
  • Addiction recovery requires an everyday commitment to sober living. Whether you are in your first month of recovery or have just achieved your first decade. Self-motivation and inner confidence to will benefit a lot.
  • This is where Bhawna De-addiction and Rehabilitation Center makes available its facility to provide the provision for care and intervention.
  • Initial withdrawal management is done under the guidance of a psychiatrist and physician. This is done by allopathic medicines only.
  • Treatment is residential. It requires the client to be in residential care for a period of 4 to 6 months. However, treatment facilitation is client specific subject to assessment by counselors/therapists.
  • Easy and Affordable Billing.